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Its been a big week for the world of Visual Studio LightSwitch. Starting off with the Keynote for TechEd 2012 in North America we found out that the light switch guys have been working hard on a HTML5 Client. When talking to people about LightSwitch, this is the biggest request that I seem to get thrown at me, and this has been for a while.

So moving forward not only do you have a system that will be able to generate your OData back end, but you will be able to produce a front end (presentation layer) that will be able to be published in multiple formats…. all with relatively the same code base.

At present the client is not available to the public, and I am hoping it will be soon, but for updates keep an eye out on the LightSwitch Team Blog for more information. In the meantime how about you drop on over to Channel9 and check out the interview that Joe Binder and Beth Massi have done that will give you an early look at what the HTML Client is all about.

If you do have any questions on what the HTML Client is all about, drop on over to the MSDN Forums “LightSwitch HTML Client Forum” as the product team and community members are all there to answer your questions.

In other news,

Jay Schmelzer has completed several sessions at TechEd, which are all available online and for download.


Earlier this month Jan Van der Haegen put together a really good post “Silverlight is Dead”, and has followed up with another post “Silverlight is dying, long live LightSwitch”.

Harold Glenn Minerva goes through some simple examples of the Auto-Complete box inside of LightSwitch.

Jewel Lambert goes through a solution to allow vertical Column Headers inside your LightSwitch Application, I would just like to note that this will only work in the new RC of LightSwitch.

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