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I was preparing some videos ready for our holiday this week and found that some of the videos where in a format that would not load onto the Zune, also some of the audio was all over the place. Now as I spent a bit of time with Andrew Parsons on Friday going over some Expression Products and some XNA Code, I got inspired to dig into Expression Encoder and see if I could clean up the audio on these videos.

The first stage was to create a new Encoder project and import my Videos into the project. This step does not take much time, but the application will need to look at the internals of the video.

When this is done you have the ability to really play around with the video. This includes the format, the content, as well as the audio. In the case of this little article all I am going to do is play with the audio.

Import a New video into the project.


In this example I am just going to use the wildlife video that is one of the Samples installed with the operating system install.

Next if you look at the set of tabs on the far right of the screen you will see a collection of tabs which look like the following.


The Third tab “Enhance” is the tab which we want to open. What we are going to do is Level the volume as well as raise the level. To do this have a look at the Pre-Processing Tab and then the Audio Section.


At this point we need to check on the Volume Levelling option, and I would like to adjust the volume to a level of 2. When you do select the volume levelling option you are going to ally some normalization to the audio layer, this will adjust the volume levels of the tracks so that they all are at about the same level. The volume value will increase or decrease the overall volume level of the tracks.

The next step is to play your video and make sure that the levels and pre-processing is all correct, once this is done encode your video and enjoy listening or watching you work.

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